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Physical Activity Information

Calories Burned Doing Household Chores
FitWatch Physical Activity/Exercise Database
Use the FitWatch Physical Activity/Exercise Database to find out how many calories are burned doing various activities/exercises! Search for activities/exercise to find out approximately how many calories are burned doing each one.
How Much Physical Activity do Children Need?
Overcome Barriers to Physical Activity
Physical Activity and Health

Benefits of Physical Activity

1. LONGEVITY - People who are physically active live longer.
2. NEW BRAIN CELL DEVELOPMENT - exercise stimulates the formation of new brain cells.
3. CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH - Regular exercising makes your heart, like any other muscle, stronger.
4. CHOLESTEROL LOWERING EFFECT - Exercise itself doesn't burn off cholesterol, however, it decreases LDL (bad) cholesterol and increases HDL(good) cholesterol.
5. PREVENTION and CONTROL OF DIABETES - Moderate physical activity combined with weight loss and balanced diet can confer a 50-60% reduction in risk of developing diabetes.
6. BLOOD PRESSURE - All forms of exercise seem to be effective in reducing blood pressure.
7. REDUCE RISK OF STROKE - Moderate and high levels of physical activity may reduce the risk of a stroke.
8. WEIGHT CONTROL - Regular exercise helps to reach and maintain a healthy weight.
9. MUSCLE STRENGTH - Strength training increases muscle strength and mass and decreases fat tissue.
10. BONE STRENGTH - Exercise promotes bone formation, delays bone loss and may protect against osteoporosis.
11. SLEEP - The natural dip in body temp 5-6 hours after exercise may help one to fall asleep.

Benefits of Exercise

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Overcoming Exercise Barriers

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